Lisa McCoy

I’m a maker type. My general ease and purpose – in truth my deepest sense of spiritual rightness – is fed assembling objects and lost in projects creating beauty. I want to craft utile things that bring lively visual interest to a space and are somehow interactive. We need utile beauty as a species I think. My love of practical design evolved from early school arts; through 31 years of oil painting on an almost daily basis; 20+ years of graphic design and building a custom timber-frame home from the drawings up, in Southern Vermont. While building, I’d sourced antique lighting and plumbing fixtures to create a home with historical pedigree. That’s where my love for antique and vintage lighting was born and my skills restoring and re-wiring honed…  plain old Yankee practicality solving the problems at hand. (Plus a good bit of my father’s early training in basic electrical/mechanical concepts.) I see my lamps as inspired by nature – a little fringe in their expression but also classic in their form. Everyone needs lamps! Hopefully mine will inspire you and compliment your taste, becoming an heirloom in your collection of objets d’art.

Fulcrum Arts