Fulcrum Arts is a destination arts facility for the creation, instruction, and promotion of silica-based arts (main ingredient in both glass and clay). Fundamental to our mission is making fine crafts accessible to a wide range of people. To that end, Fulcrum Arts serves Brattleboro and the surrounding area as an inviting center for people to view, purchase, and learn about glass and ceramic art. We provide gallery talks, ongoing classes, workshops, and private tutoring in the glass and ceramic studios as well as a public arena to view glassblowing and the creation of ceramic art during the day and evening.  Fulcrum Arts  houses a gallery and studio facilities that provide numerous ways for prospective buyers to view finished works and work in progress; as well as to learn about the tools, techniques, and artistry of fine glass and ceramic pieces. Interested collectors and buyers can purchase finished one-of-a-kind pieces and functional wares and commission new work. We offer design consultation for in-home art placement as well. Solin and Blake, both highly acclaimed artists in their fields, also teach master classes and workshops.
Fulcrum Arts